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  1. Owensboro Thoroughbreds Launch Ticket Sales
  2. Draft Picks 4 And 20 Of The 2nd TBL Draft
  3. The Thoroughbreds Join The Owensboro Rooster Booster

The Owensboro Thoroughbreds are a professional basketball team with a core vision of positively impacting young lives in the community while providing quality entertainment for families.  With a focus on community engagement they enter year three with a new vision of serving and supporting local organizations and initiatives.


Chris Allison, Team Market Owner

Chris is the owner of ACE, Inc. and M1 Sports Group in Columbus, Ohio. M1 manages multiple teams across the United States.

Cody Ballard, General Manager

Cody is the Co-Founder of the B.R.I.C.K. and Jr. B.R.I.C.K. League in of Columbus, Ohio. He has also played in multiple professional leagues.

Rachel McDivitt, Director of Operations

Rachel has been in operations for many years. Her expertise will be an unmatched asset this season.

Mark Anderson, Head Coach

Mark is the head coach for the third season in the TBL and has over 30 years of coaching experience.